Retro Games Online FAQ'S

Are you having trouble getting about Retro Games Online? Can't seem to get things moving? Having a concern? You might find the answer to your question below.

Answer: With the new loader (HTML5) most contollers are automatically enabled. If that fails please use one of these software to map the keyboard to the controller buttons:
Windows : Joy2Key or Xpadder
Linux : Qjoypad
MacOS : Joystick Mapper or Enjoy2

Answer: You do not need membership to simply play a game. You are most likely unable to run a game because the Flash plugin has not been enabled on your browser. If you are accessing the computer over a shared network, particularly in a school or workplace, flash access may have been blocked. If it hasn't been installed, you may download the latest version from If it successfully installs and the issue still exists, you may be limited by a malware program. The only way to rectify this problem would be to get rid of the malware or possibly format your computer.
Retro Games Online is meant to be the single portal on the internet where all flash games unite! This means we want all your favorite games to be hosted on Retro Games Online. If you would like to request a game, please contact us.
Calm down there! We have momentary holds on commenters if they leave comments in quick succession. Sometimes, you may have accidentally clicked the comment button twice assuming that the comment has been submitted while the request has in fact being received. We do this to prevent vandals from intentionally bombarding our servers with requests to take our site down. We want to offer a permanent uninterrupted service which is why the restrictions are in place. If you are unable to comment, try again in a few minutes. Sometimes however, we do ban accounts and IPs if they continually abuse our services so proceed with caution.
The easiest way to stay in touch is through our Facebook page which over thousands of our users use to stay informed. You can alternatively simply bookmark our homepage which lists the latest and top rated games.
Get a new internet connection! No seriously, the pace at which games load are completely out of control and depends on how fast your connection is. Some games would load faster as flash games can dramatically vary in size depending on the graphics and multimedia used as well as the duration and complexity of the gameplay. If you a serious fan of flash games and you are constantly frustrated with having to wait an eternity for your favorite game to load, you should consider upgrading your internet connection.